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Emiliana Cruz
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Emiliana Cruz Cruz, originally from Cieneguilla, San Juan Quiahije, Oaxaca, is an anthropological linguist. She currently works as a professor-researcher at [CIESAS-CDMX]. She has conducted research and fieldwork in the Yakima Valley (Washington State, USA) with young laborers, in the Chatino region in Oaxaca, and in Chiapas. Her research interests are diverse and interdisciplinary, with a primary focus on education, linguistic rights, territory, documentation, and linguistic revitalization. She has received the Distinguished Community Engagement Award from the University of Massachusetts. Her work is characterized by extensive community collaboration, and she is also a part of the "Diálogos entre Académicos Indígenas" collective. Among her notable publications is "Let's Prevent Our Future from Slipping Away: Tomás Cruz Lorenzo and the New Chatino Generation," the result of collaborative work with Chatino speakers, and "Theoretical Reflections on the Role of Fieldwork in Linguistic-Anthropology: Contributions from Indigenous Researchers in Southern Mexico," a collaboration with indigenous scholars.
Emiliana Cruz