Full Name
Fernanda Martins
Mapinguari Design
Speaker Bio
Fernanda Martins is a Brazilian designer and researcher who moved from the metropolis, São Paulo to live in Belém, in the Amazon Region. Since 2006, she runs Mapinguari Design in Belem-PA where she coordinates the project Letras que Flutuam (www.letrasqflutuam.com.br) that investigates the traditional Amazonian popular boat painters. She has experience in the area of Design, working mainly on the following themes: corporate identity, design for sustainability, and typography. Fernanda holds a PhD in Design from ESDI / UERJ. Specialization in Semiotics and Visual Culture from UFPA (2008), and completed the Advanced Postgraduate Course in Graphic Design at Schule fur Gestaltung Basel, (SFG / Switzerland - 1998), She has a strong participation in the formulation of public policies for Design in Brazil.
Fernanda Martins