WAATBP is in the history books, and what an incredible conference it was! If you missed any the speaker sessions or wanted to relive some of their poignant remarks, we invite you to check them out below!

2020 recap

Keynote Address: Van Jones

WAATBP has a long tradition of opening with a bang, and this year's conference is no exception! We kicked things off this year with a keynote speech by renowned criminal justice reform activist and political commentator Van Jones.

While many recognize him in his role as a popular host on CNN, Jones has long been an active campaigner for justice. Among numerous other accomplishments over the past 25+ years, Jones helped lead the charge for Congress to pass the FIRST STEP Act in 2018. Today he serves as the CEO of REFORM Alliance, an organization dedicated to dramatically reforming the US criminal justice system.

Morning Inspiration: Michelle Wonsley-Ford

In today's social, political, and business climate, there is an even more urgent need for anti-racist leadership at this moment in the United States' history. Michelle Wonsley-Ford's keynote will explore the complexities of leading and managing during this time as well as the importance of developing a critical racial analysis, regardless of your industry or role.

Morning Inspiration: Cheryl Holmes Miller

To know your history, is to know your future. Cheryl D. Miller tells us where we’ve been and is definitely showing us where we are going!

Master Class: Advancing to Senior Leadership

In this Masterclass, we will provide attendees with five critical skills specifically geared towards leveling up in your career.

Master Class: How Can I Be Down?

The conversation of diversity in the advertising industry has been going on for a very long time. Talent has been a revolving topic around many initiatives, programs, conferences, and water coolers for the same amount of time. In a virtual world, we need virtual solutions to get entry-level talent past the job boards into the interview chair and eventually landing a role.

Master Class: How to Build a Diversity Pipeline Program

In order to improve our industry’s diversity dilemma, it is not only imperative that we invite more people of color into the fold, but we also must also educate and encourage more young people of color to want to be in our profession. In this Masterclass, you’ll learn how to develop successful diversity pipeline initiatives for high school and college students.

Master Class: From Entry Level to CMO - What Does it Take?

When you’re just starting out, working your way to the very top seems like an unachievable goal. In this Masterclass, you’ll learn early steps you can take to get on track to becoming a Chief Marketing Officer.

Master Class: Leveraging Your Uniqueness to Be Your Best Strategist

More than craft, schooling, or frameworks — a unique point of view on the world is what every star strategist has. It’s the intangible that sets you apart. However, learning to harness and wield it isn’t easy. In this Masterclass, you will be given three places to start as you begin bringing your unique POV to every brief, audit, and study you do.

Reflection: 10 Years of WAATBP

WAATBP founders Jimmy Smith and Jeff Goodby are joined by Sherina Florence of Ogilvy to discuss how the event came to be 10 years ago and what the future holds for diversity in the advertising industry today.

We Built It Ourselves

George Floyd died on May 25, 2020 and his death stirred the world. While most of Corporate America saw us for the first time, black creatives, per usual stepped into action. During this conversation, we'll highlight three black creatives who created movements to improve diversity, celebrate blackness, and protest anti-racism.

Diversity is the Bare Minimum - What's Next

Angela Davis said, “I have a hard time accepting diversity as a synonym for justice. Diversity is a corporate strategy.

While having a diverse workplace is vital, diversity cannot exist without equity and inclusion. Hear from industry leaders about how to retain diverse talent and create a workplace that makes space for everyone.

The Impact of BLM Movement on Marketing

BLM shook Corporate America to its core. Some companies got the message right while others seriously fumbled the ball. During this panel you'll hear from brands and agencies about what it means to truly stand in solidarity and put your money where your mouth is.

Pass the Mic: Making Space for Black Women to Lead

Black women face a unique struggle in the workplace: combating both racism and sexism. On this panel, Black women at all stages of their career will discuss obstacles, triumphs and how to make it to the top.