Conference sessions will be streamed to the Event Hub. Login to the Type Drives Communities Event Site and join the Event Hub to see all sessions. 

For Roundtables and Breakout Sessions that link to an external meeting, the link will be available on the EventHub. If you are looking to join Roundtables or Breakouts, please ensure your Zoom Client is up to date. 

You can click here to request a password reset using the email address with which you registered. 

You will receive an automated email asking you to reset your password. This email may take up to five minutes to appear in your inbox, please refresh your inbox and check your spam filter.

If you do not receive a reset email, you can reach out to request a manual password reset. Please include your first name, last name, and the email address email address associated with your registration. 

All sessions streamed to the Event Hub will be available for playback after the event. 

All streamed sessions will be available for playback after the conference. You will receive an email from the Type Directors Club when the recordings are available.

Some sessions will start muted -- this is required by newer browsers for some types of embedded videos. To unmute those sessions or raise the volume, hover over the video player to reveal volume controls in the bottom right corner. 

If you miss anything, all streamed sessions will be available for playback after the event. 

Our conference is being streamed via Vimeo. To check if Vimeo is available in your country or region, please click here to view one last year's videos. If you are unable to view TypeSeeing: Montevideo, Vimeo may not be allowed on your network or in your country. Check your network settings and then try the following. 

First, try refreshing the page. 

Second, check your browser. This event is most compatible with Google Chrome. Safari or Firefox may be causing issues with video playback. Download Chrome here

Third, ask our Staff for the direct video link in the "Need Support?" chat. 


Our staff is most readily available during the conference by chatting them in the "Need Support?" chat (bottom right hand corner of your page). Staff is also available at Please note that there may be limited support via telephone or email during the conference.